Your specialist dentists for orthodontics

We would like to introduce ourselves to you as your future dentists, because our principle is: Good orthodontics begins with trust.

And KFO im Bergmannkiez was also founded according to this principle. We got to know each other during a specialist training course in Lisbon in 2017 and quickly felt that, in addition to our passion for the subject of orthodontics, we also had a great mutual sympathy.

Subsequently, our paths crossed during our several years of residency training at the renowned Charité in Berlin and sympathy turned into friendship. We successfully passed the chamber examination to become state-approved orthodontists, and after a few years of practical experience, we decided to reestablish a modern group practice in the middle of Berlin's lively and popular Bergmannkiez district.

We firmly believe that the joy of the profession and the quality for our patients is doubled through teamwork and are convinced that we are an owner-managed practice with constant care by the same doctors from the beginning to the end of the treatment. We very much look forward to meeting you in person.

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